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Polymer Containers

Ltd. "El-Plastik" to produce various sizes and configuration of plastic utensils - containers for food packaging and industrial products.

In the production of the packaging machine is used blow molding and injection molding machines.

For food seal is used with a label such as "IML" (In Mould Label). Labels Dinnerware made of polypropylene with "IML" seal is not damaged by mechanical impact, heat, water, scratching and is not torn.

There is a specialized manufacture of packaging for food products Ice cream, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, butter, buttermilk, sour milk and other food products International ISO 22000-2005 certificate.

The injection method is made glassware in volume from 250 grams. to 25 kg.

A method of blowing capacity from 30 ml to 125 liters. Cans, barrels, mannequins (male, female torso, legs), bottles, cans, basins, buckets, various items of household appliances and furniture fittings. You can use customer molds.

For all types of plastic containers made cover.

Some types of plastic containers, dishes on display at the Gallery website.

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